Huge Tuna Tornado Dwarfs Scuba Diver

Jackfish Tuna swim in Tornado-like fashion

This video gives a glimpse of just how amazing marine life is and how important it is to protect. Octavio Aburto released this footage from Cabo Pulmo in Mexico, which is a normal and natural phenomenon he has witnessed for over 3 years. The school of jack tuna (bigeye trevally) swim in this fashion during courtship.

The scuba diver in the video looks quite small in comparison to the massive volume of tuna.. it is really quite magnificent! Watch it below:


This is what Octavio had to say about the behavior of the tuna:

Fish, as is the case with many other animals, have certain behaviors that they perform when they reproduce. For example, when monarch butterflies mate they travel hundreds of thousands of kilometers, crossing from Canada down through Mexico to form unbelievable congregations. Sea turtles also have unique reproduction behavior —some travel the entire Pacific just to return to the beaches where they originally hatched. Birds fly hundreds of kilometers to certain areas to nest as well. These behaviors are well known within terrestrial animals and within the scientific community we have also known of these behaviors with fish and other marine creatures for many years. In Cabo Pulmo for example, blacktip reef sharks and mobula rays also congregate in large numbers to mate during the winter season.

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